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The Essence Of The State Is Theft

A.k.a.: Taxes - Wars - Traffic Tickets - Seizures - Fiat Money

Should we let a glorified crime gang rule our lives?

Background Research on State (a.k.a. Government) Criminality - Chapters
1. Every State Has A Criminal Origin 6. Seizures Are Theft
2. States Operate On Criminal Principles 7. Fiat Money Is Theft
3. War Is Theft 8. Other State Crimes
4. Taxes Are Theft 9. Witness Testimony
5. Traffic Tickets Are Theft 10. Where This Leads Us?
6.) Seizures are Theft - Quotes with sources

To read about the lack of authority of law (and any agency collecting revenue based on it) visit this chapter

Police stopped 49-year-old Ethel Hylton at Houston's Hobby Airport and told her she was under arrest because a drug dog had scratched at her luggage. Agents searched her bags and strip-searched her, but they found no drugs. They did find $39,110 in cash, money she had received from an insurance settlement and her life savings; accumulated through over 20 years of work as a hotel housekeeper and hospital janitor. Ethel Hylton completely documented where she got the money and was never charged with a crime. But the police kept her money anyway. Ethel Hylton is just one of a large and growing list of Americans – now numbering in the hundreds of thousands – who have been victimized by civil asset forfeiture. Under civil asset forfeiture, everything you own can be legally taken away even if you are never convicted of a crime. (Jarret B. Wollstein - The Looting Of America)

Asset forfeiture is a growth industry. Seizures have increased from $27 million in 1986, to over $644 million in 1991 to over $2 billion today. Civil asset forfeiture defines a new standard of justice in America; or more precisely, a new standard of injustice. Even if you are a totally innocent owner, the government can still confiscate your "guilty" property. Why do our courts tolerate these outrageous legalized thefts? Because they get their cut. Some police will kill you for your property. In Malibu, California, park police tried repeatedly to buy the home and land of 61-year-old, retired rancher Don Scott, which was next to national park land. Scott refused. On the morning of October 2, 1992, a task force of 26 LA county sheriffs, DEA agents and other cops broke into Scott's living room unannounced. When he heard his wife, Frances, scream, he came out of his upstairs bedroom with a gun over his head. Police yelled at him to lower his gun. He did, and they shot him dead. (Jarret B. Wollstein - The Looting Of America)

Many local police departments became hooked on drug money, using asset forfeiture laws to replace their lost tax revenues. Cash seized from traffickers and money launderers began being used to pay officers' salaries, for overtime, new patrol cars, uniforms, guns, and even helicopters. (Gary Webb - Dark Alliance, pg 263)

Federal agents can now seize private property under more than 200 federal statutes. Since 1984, federal agencies have confiscated $4 billion in cash and property from American citizens. The vast majority of people whose property is seized by federal, state, and local officials are never formally charged with a crime. (James Bovard - Shakedown, pg 8)

At the Justice Department, memos encourage U.S. Attorneys to direct their efforts to forfeiture production so as to avoid budget overruns. A study the Justice Department did on forfeiture task forces suggested, in no uncertain terms, that units select targets based on the funding (read: seizures) they are expected to produce. The net effect of all of this ranges from the borderline unethical to the violently criminal. In Huachuca City, AZ it was revealed that the city had hired an officer whose sole purpose was to increase revenue through forfeitures. In Los Angeles, a Sheriffs Deputy reported that officers often planted drugs and lied on reports to establish probable cause for cash seizures. In Louisiana, police illegally (on the basis of profiles) and routinely stopped and searched vast numbers of vehicles seizing large amounts of cash and assets. It was later learned that the proceeds from the seizures had been diverted to unauthorized uses. Our government has become the criminal element. (Darryl Fruchter - Uncivil Forfeiture)

When can police pick the pockets of Americans and keep the proceeds - legally? When they take advantage of the broad asset forfeiture provisions of federal law, that's when, and law enforcement agencies from coast to coast have been fattening their budgets with this seized property for over a decade. (Winds - Department of Justice Thwarts Forfeiture Reform - Seeks Broader Powers to Steal)

Once your home, car and bank accounts are seized under civil asset forfeiture laws, you can pretty much forget about ever getting them back. It’s you versus the police and the courts, who divide up the proceeds from your property according to formulas such as “80 percent for police, 20 percent for the court”, say informed sources. (Jarret B. Wollstein - The Looting Of America)

"We must significantly increase forfeiture production to reach our budget target. Failure to achieve the $470 million projection would expose the Department's forfeiture program to criticism and undermine confidence in our budget predictions. Every effort must be made to increase forfeiture income in the three remaining months of 1990." (38 U.S. Attorneys Bulletin 180, 1990) in (Henry Hyde - Forfeiting Our Property Rights: Is Your Property Safe from Seizure?)

80 percent of Department of Justice seizures were from people who were never charged with a crime. (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout, pg 74)

The Institute for Justice found over 10,000 cases between 1998 and 2002 where the government abused its power of eminent domain, condemning property of citizens in order to resell it to corporations for a private gain. (Russ Kick - 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know, pg 63-64)

7.) Fiat Money is Theft - Quotes with sources

Whoever creates the money gets the profit from its creation. The legal tender law forces people to accept something worth only 1/18,000,000th of the value printed or stamped on it. A $5,000 paper bill equals an embezzlement of $4,999.99 of wealth (Merrill Jenkins - Money, the greatest hoax on earth, pgs 22, 30)

With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people. (Friedrich A. Hayek - Choice in Currency, pg 16)

Our monetary system constitutes institutional stealing. And, just as the Nazis passed laws to make their actions legal, the financial sector has, in a similar, but in a much more sophisticated way, perverted our political system... Since the 8th century in China, every experiment with fiat money has ended in disaster. (Lawrence Parks - The American Empire is Disintegrating)

Banking is the most profitable and most destructive criminal activity on the planet. People who grow food and produce the necessities of life are up to their eyes in debt and often pushed into bankruptcy and ruin by people who do nothing more than type figures onto a computer screen and charge interest on them. (David Icke - I am me I am free, pg 34)

It is written that “No one gets something for nothing,” but this does not embody all the truth. The Federal Reserve, fractional reserve bankers create interest-based “dollars” out of nothing. “Dollars” expropriate wealth to their creators. The “dollar” creator gets everything for nothing (Merrill Jenkins - Money, the greatest hoax on earth, pg 107)

The ultimate purpose of centralizing governmental powers in a bureaucratic state is to siphon wealth away from the common man and into the hands of a self-selected elite. An elite which maintains its position by political manipulation and, when necessary, by the ruthless application of homicidal violence (Edwin Vieira, Jr. - The False Alternatives)

It’s essential to tyranny to be able to manipulate the value of money. Paper money, not backed by gold or silver, is perfect for this purpose. It gives the government enormous economic leverage over the entire population. An unstable currency, whose value is at the mercy of the state, is the equivalent of a constitution of unstable meaning, which allows the government to decide what rules it will operate under (Joseph Sobran - Symptoms of Tyranny)

Any scheme of fractional-reserve banking based on fiat currency secured by debt and the power to tax is inherently self-destructive. No such scheme can long survive. The Federal Reserve System is just such a scheme. And the Establishment knows it. (Edwin Vieira, Jr. - Homeland Security, For What and For Whom?)

If government can find ways to engage in counterfeiting--the creation of money out of thin air--it can quickly produce its own money without taking the trouble to sell services. It can appropriate resources slyly and almost unnoticed, without rousing the hostility touched off by taxation. In fact, counterfeiting can create in its very victims the blissful illusion of unparalleled prosperity. Counterfeiting is but another name for inflation. And now we see why governments are inherently inflationary: because inflation is a powerful and subtle means for government acquisition of the public's resources, a painless and all the more dangerous form of taxation. (Murray Rothbard - What Has Government Done To Our Money?)

The (Federal Reserve Board)'s record as an 'inflation fighter' is more deserving of a court martial than a medal. Since the Fed's founding in 1913, inflation has gained so much ground against the defending Fed that a man who kept his money in gold rather than dollar bills would have nearly 20 times as much. (Bill Bonner - Daily Reckoning, 04/29/03)

A new realization must enter the mass consciousness that modern economic and political systems based on fractional banking are rotten to the core. Fractional reserve banking is equivalent to economic slavery (Vladimir Z. Nuri - Fractional Reserve Banking As Economic Parasitism, pg. 52, 31)

Of all the contrivances devised for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes him with paper money. (Daniel Webster) in (Andrew Dickson White - Fiat Money Inflation in France, pg 29)

Bankers are terrified we might object to paying them billions each year in interest for money they create out of nothing, guaranteed by our taxes. (Henry Makow, Ph.D. - Making The World Safe...For Bankers)

Wars are arguably likely a symptom or consequence of money parasitism. The link between money manipulation and wars is very deep and complex and supported by Griffin's account in "Creature from Jekyll Island" (Vladimir Z. Nuri - Fractional Reserve Banking As Economic Parasitism, pg. 44)

The appearance of interest-based money economy results in immediate overpopulation because it renders millions and millions unneded whose work doesn't produce both the interest for the money oligarchy, the high tax for the indebted nation, the profit in a global competition and the cost of production. A lot of people's work is necessary and useful, but if the money oligarchy cannot generate a profit on it, those people will become jobless. (John Drabik - Usury Civilization III - pg. 399)

It is the official policy of the United States Government to maintain an unemployment rate of at least eight million Americans (Tom Tomorrow - Tune In Tomorrow, Foreword)

According to an University of Utah study, for every 1 percent rise in the jobless rate, homicide increases by 6.7 percent, violent crimes by 3.4 percent, crimes against property go up 2.4 percent and deaths by heart disease and stroke rise by 5.6 and 3.1 percent, respectively. (Michael Moore - Downsize This!, pg 5)

The bankers made $75 million from the American Revolution, $125 million from the War of 1812-14, $3 billion out of the Civil War and $30 billion from the First World War. The amount of profit they made from the Second World War is in the trillions of dollars. (Dr. Martin Larson - The Historical Fight For Honest Money in the U.S.)

It is estimated by war historian Alan Brugar that the international bankers made a profit of $10,000 from every soldier who fell in WW2. (John Coleman - Diplomacy by deception, pg 1)

8.) Other State Crimes - Quotes with sources

Government drug trafficking is so massive, it has a whole page of its own.

The interests and methods of intelligence agencies are in many cases identical to those of high-level criminals. Both seek power, or the paths to power, through bribery, blackmail or intimidation. So it is natural that as one progresses upward through layers of crime, one finds more and more intelligence agents. (James Mills - The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace, pg 1141)

The clandestine service is a part of the government where hundreds of employees on a daily basis are directed to break extremely serious laws... a safe estimate is that several hundred times each day (easily 100,000 times a year), Directorate of Operations officers engage in highly illegal activities. (House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century)

The McClellan Committee was established in 1965 by the Senate and in its report entitled "Organized Crime and Illicit Traffic in Narcotics" the McClellan Committee whitewashed the American Mafia's drug involvement, which then covered up for the CIA involvement. (Rodney Stich - FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery, pg 302)

Iran Contra was State-sponsored, State-organized, and State-protected fraud of every nature. Fraud perpetrated upon savings & loans and commercial banks, securities and insurance firms, and on the IRS. The fraud was operated in a pyramid, originally designed in 1984 by Oliver North. State-sanctioned and authorized fraud was at the top, using political organizations and foundations illicitly, using them illegally in tax-exempt capacity, and then illegally siphoning off the money for other uses. Underneath were the subcontractors, who developed a series of corporate artifices , usually oil and gas, gold, aircraft or real estate deals for the illegal generation of money and the defrauding of banks willing to go along. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pg 12, 29)

In the United States, there were over 1200 citizens wrongfully incarcerated and 400 people assassinated because of what they knew about Iran Contra. Iran-Contra is not over. It's as alive as it ever was. The same people, the same banks, the same firms. It is as much alive as ever. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pgs 21, 23, 323)

In the states which looked on themselves as civilized, the violence that they directed against their own citizens did not so much diminish as disappear from public view. More and more of it took place behind walls, whether of prisons or concentration camps. (Martin van Creveld - The Rise and Decline of the State, pg 170)

Trinity Gas and Oil, a pass-through fraud was started to legitimize the flow of funds from Iran-Contra sympathizers to the hands of Oliver North, Richard Secord and others. Then it would pass into the hands of the political parties and the various members of the Bush family. "Pass-through" means, not only its oil and gas part was a fraud, (to defraud banks and securities firms), but then it was backed into a public shell - started out at 3 or 4 cents a share, and pumped up to a dollar. That was simply another way to exploit a fraud. They have taken and oil and gas fraud, moved it into a banking fraud, then into a securities fraud, squeezing every last penny of fraud out of the initial fraud, which was not directed toward anything else. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pg 126)

You know a rule of law doesn’t exist in this country when the FBI and Dan Rather goes on CBS and say, 'There’s no evidence that the FBI fired any shots at Waco' and yet I can go to Blockbuster Video and I can rent Rules of Engagement, and I can watch the guys shooting the machine guns myself. (Michael Ruppert, The Truth About the Drug War, VHS, 55:10)

9.) Witness Testimony - Quotes with sources

I did not know, when I joined the FBI, that I would learn the expertise of burglary, or that Director Edgar Hoover would instruct agents to violate extortion and kidnapping laws. I did not know then that FBI agents would plot assassinations of American citizens and put innocent individuals in jail just because their skin is black or because they are Native American. After twenty years of seeing a whole Bureau manufacture phony informant reports, and create false statistics, even the most egregious levels of corruption - when top FBI officials lied to the courts, the Department of Justice, and to the U.S. Congress - no longer shocked me. (M. Wesley Swearingen - FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, pg 1)

The number of FBI bag jobs [burglaries], based upon my personal experience, was about 23,800 over thirty-five years. That is only 68 bag jobs a year for each of the ten offices engaged in regular break-ins. (M. Wesley Swearingen - FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, pg 34)

FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover recruited a band of professional killers for his private execution squad. He found them in organized crime families and in other services and called them the Unknowns. (Michael Milan - The Squad: The U.S. Governments Secret Alliance with Organized Crime, inside cover)

Edgar Hoover was once crazed over an appellate judge out in Kansas, who threw out every conviction the local cops could get... President Johnson just threw up his hands and told Hoover the judge would be in office "for the rest of his life." Then he winked. That was all Hoover needed. He polled each one of us after that meeting. He said, "It's a judge, boys, take your best shots." They sent me down to do the hit, but Hoover wanted him to experience the pain. "Make it special" he said. "Make it nice and slow.." (Mike Milan - The Squad: The U.S. Governments Secret Alliance with Organized Crime)

I saw what the cops were doing, and the FBI and the CIA, and plenty of government agencies with lots of letters that really stand for "Blow their brains out and don't tell nobody." I was both inside and outside the law at the same time, and I coulnd't tell one side from the other. (Mike Milan - The Squad: The U.S. Governments Secret Alliance with Organized Crime, pg 290-291)

When I speak of gangsterism, I'm talking about serious, predatory crimes committed by sworn officers of the law. Predatory felonies are different from an earlier type of corruption, which I call the Serpico Model and involved police officers accepting bribes from gangsters to look the other way. Now, thanks to the climate created by our drug laws, we have something more ominous-small gangs of cops who are the gangsters. They've committed murders, kidnapping and armed robberies-sometimes for, and sometimes against drug dealers. And I'm not talking about the occasional case, or one department that is well known for having a bad reputation. I'm talking about big and small departments; even uniformed police officers committing armed robberies in uniform. One such case involved a Bronx police officer who was charged in 11 murders which he committed for a drug gang, although he pled guilty to only eight. (Joseph D. McNamara - Gangster cops: A tragic - and inevitable - result of U.S. drug policies)

In Chicago , Mayor Anton Cermak would dispatch his own police hit men to eliminate Frank Nitti (officially the Mr Big of the Capones, although in reality more of a front man) after Big Al went to prison. The mayor was looking to replace the Capone mobsters with those of his own choosing under his favorite gangster, Teddy Newberry. Two police officers invaded Nitti's headquarters and shot and severely wounded him. They were acting, according to later testimony, for Cermak who wanted to take over the Capone territories and divide them among his gangsters who would then pay him 10% of all criminal revenues in the city. (Carl Sifakis - Mobspeak, pg 49)

An undercover news team, WMAQ-TV, Channel 5, put themselves in a position to videotape the delivery of a suitcase full of cash from the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. According to the Justice Department leak, the huge cash was reportedly to be picked up by as yet then unknown representative of the Illinois Republican Party, to be used or disguised as alleged "campaign funds" concealing their illegal foreign origin. These undercover operators were flabbergasted when Congressman Henry Hyde showed up himself, and accepted and took charge of the suitcase full of cash. They should not have been surprised, however, since Henry Hyde wears two hats: [1] as Congressman and [2] the head of CIA's "black budget", huge covert operations funds for political assassinations and other dirty tricks. (Sherman H. Skolnick – Corrupt IRS Officials Face Exposure In Dope Bust)

A veteran FBI agent and highly decorated Vietnam veteran, Richard Taus felt that the selective crackdown on the Sicilian Mafia was to eliminate competition to the CIA-backed American Mafia. He explained the difference between the street Mafia represented by the five crime families in New York and the higher-level Mafia imbedded in blue-chip Fortune 500 corporations and in high government positions. The Sicilian drug trafficking involved in the Pizza Connection cases was interfering with other government drug routes and supplies from the Middle east through Turkey, Bulgaria, Syria and Lebanon. It was this competition that caused Justice Department personnel to eliminate the Sicilian Mafia from the Drug Business. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pgs 203-206)

Richard Taus: "There is a sanctified Mafia organization that works within our government and industries. I have discovered it under the veneer of surface "street gangsters" such as Gotti, Scarpa, Bonnano, et al, who answer to an appointed Godfather (the late Paul Castellano). In turn, Paul takes orders from his first cousin, Vito Castellano who works for the governor of New York in Albany, N.Y. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 208)

The rulers of street crime syndicates have strong interests in the governmental process and they are represented in one form or another, in legislative, judicial and executive bodies all over the country. There is no longer any "underworld" or organized criminals. The penetration of business and government by organized crime has been so complete that it is no longer possible to differentiate "underworld gangsters" from "upperworld" government officials. (Donald R. Cressey - Theft of the Nation, pgs 3, 67)

A Cosa Nostra family boss influences the decision of the state attorney general, high ranking state police officials, licensing paroling probation and sentencing authorities (G, Robert Blakey, Testimony before US Sente Committee, 1967) in (Donald R. Cressey - Theft of the Nation)

My research has shown very clearly that organized crime really consists of a coalition of politicians, law enforcement people, businessmen, union leaders, and (in some ways least important of all) racketeers. (William J. Chambliss - On the Take)

Gregg York explained that the Chicago FBI office had held a conference with the Chicago police. He said, "We gave them a copy of the detailed floor plan of the Black Panther's headquarters from Roy Mitchell's informant so that they could raid the place and kill the whole lot." I was speechless. He just confessed the FBI's plot to assassinate the Panthers in a style similar to the Chicago gangland murders of the 1950's. (M. Wesley Swearingen - FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, pgs 88-89)

90% of the cases in the FBI's Security Division were fabricated. Anytime the FBI investigates itself, it will lie to no end to protect its contrived image. (M. Wesley Swearingen - FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, pgs 99, 144)

Edgar Hoover was very friendly towards the Mafia families. They took good care of him,. especially at the races. The families made sure he was looked after when he visited the tracks in California and on the East Coast. They had an understanding. Hoover wouold lay off the families, turn a blind eye. It helped that he denied that we even existed.If there was anything the mafia families could do for Hoover , information that did not hurt (mafia) business, they would provide it." (New York mob boss Carmine Lombardozzi, 1990) in (Anthony Summers - Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover))

Edgar Hoover protected John Rooney, even though the Congressman was, in the words of crime consultant Ralph Salerno, "up to his ears in collusion with organized crime." Washington lobbyist Robert Winterberger, who said he personally saw Rooney accept a cash-filled envelope from a mob emissary, called him the "key connection for the underworld" on Capitol Hill. (Anthony Summers - Official and Confidential, pg 195)

Senator Harrison Williams filed legal action against the FBI on May 4, 1984. He submitted tape recorded evidence showing that the FBI had been running a sex-with-children-blackmail ring to set up US senators and other elected officials in the "sting" operations. Among the FBI special agents cited in the evidence was Anthony Amoroso, one of the control agents of Abscam crook Melvin Weinberg. (Executive Intelligence Review - Dope, Inc., pg 559)

William Casey CIA director was a "son of the heart" of Vito Genovese; his daughter knew Mafia Dons Santos Traficante as Uncle Sonny and Sam Giancana as Uncle Momo (Mike Ruppert - Carone Report)

There are two echelons of the Mafia, the publicly known street level organized crime families and the more secretive, more powerful elite which possess control over the former. In a similar fashion, there are two levels in the CIA: the conscentious hard working agents who abide by the law, and those in the more powerful position that control covert operation that are above the law. (Rodney Stich - FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery, pg 353)

The real organized crime figures do not go to prison. Sure, the street thugs and the Italian who doesn't pay his dues go to prison, but that's only to make it look good and give the public the appearance that justice is being done on the streets of America. (Jerry Van - Underworld Secrets, pg 153)

The highest rates of violent crime typically reveal the largest police presence. Increased enforcement of laws against drug use, prostitution and gambling (activities frequently related to other crimes) invariably result in police collusion with, connivance in, and corruption by, organized crime figures. In this writer's memory, virtually every large-scale breakdown of public order, from Chicago to Detroit to Watts to Kent State, has been either a response to police violence, or to the perceived failure of the justice system to sanction it. (Richard Korn - A Crisis of Public Justice)

Bernard R. Spindel showed how corrupt police were making private purchases of eavesdropping equipment and using it during off-duty hours to extort money and services from prostitutes, pimps, bookies, and heroin traffickers. Secondly, he led an investigation that established the existence of a massive wiretapping operation which blanketed the entire East Side of New York City; and that, moreover, police and special agents of the telephone company were selling the information obtained from it. More than 125,000 subscribers were involved, including the United Nations, various consulates, socialites, corporations and businessmen (Jim Hougan - Spooks, pg 104)

As Al Capone observed, "Prohibition is a business." ... The syndicates forged links with local politicians, political parties and police forces in order to gain protection from the enforcement of the law. Such arrangements were pioneered by John Torrio and Al Capone in Chicago and were known as the "Chicago pattern." This system was different from the Tammany tradition of gangsters working for the political machine. In the Tammany system the politicians controlled the gangsters through the former's system of patronage, whereas under Torrio and Capone it was the syndicate bosses who controlled the politicians. (Brian G. Martin - The Shanghai Green Gang, pg 222)

All 33 gangs observed throughout the ten years of Frederic Trasher's study established some type of expedient relationship with the politicians in their city. The main reason why politicians and gangs established a relationship was that both viewed such a relationship as beneficial. Here is a representative comment from the aide of a New York politician: "We definitely get in touch with some of the local gangs to help our campaign in certain areas. This is not necessarily public knowledge but of course it makes perfect sense. Gangs know the people in their community and they can act more efficiently in getting our message across. They are useful. If they weren't, I wouldn't be here." (Martin Sanchez Jankowski - Islands in the Street, pg 217)

A union is very big, and I couldn't turn around without bumping into a wad of cash heading straight for Bobbie Cervone. When you get to own a union, you don't have to worry too much about records. There is an old saying around most unions owned by the mafia that whenever there is trouble (the prospect of an investigation) you can always tell because there is also a fire - where the union keeps its records. Or else somebody steals them (and what is a regular thief going to do with a bunch of records?) It is not that there is love between Bobbie and the politicians. It is pure business. Bobbie steals. Those guys get a cut... Bobbie Cervone is one of the guys who can give politicians what they need. And what they need is cash. Now who has lots of cash that doesn't have to be accounted for? The guys in the rackets. That's one reason they are so important to politicians. (Vincent Siciliano - Unless They Kill Me First, pgs 128-130)

Jimmy Hoffa disclosed inside information about John F. Kennedy's assassination, which he helped to bring about. He said, it was the perfect crime of the century, because it included the highest players in government, who then got on TV and lied their assess off to the American people. Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover engineered the assassination, he said, with the help of his own mob friends in Chicago... JFK was assassinated because Nixon wanted the presidency. (Jerry Van - Underworld Secrets, pg 10)

Beyond the surface of Watergate, revelations would be a deeper, secret world of political collusion with the Syndicate in which Nixon had operated for decades. He was hardly alone in this. Both of his immediate predecessors had delved into this world as well - LBJ with his Marcello money and Jack Kennedy with his now historic Syndicate relationships and compromises. Nor would Nixon be the last president beholden to Las Vegas [mafia] power and influence. Later chief executives as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton will brazenly cultivate its powers and assimilate its money. (Roger Morris - The Money and the Power, pg 294)

One of the purposes of the Watergate burglary was to learn what, if anything, the Democrats intended to do about Paul Louis Weller's connection to Richard Nixon and William Spector's charges of narcotics smuggling. (Jim Hougan - Spooks, pg 224)

American gangsters are the specialized personnel of nationwide businesses, having syndicated connections with one another and with local public authorities.. Among such members of the fraternity of success, to have a police record means merely that you did not know the right people. (C. Wright Mills - The Power Elite, pg 340)

How is it that officers sworn to arrest drug dealers end up working for the dealers? Or stealing from them and murdering them? For one thing, the cops know perfectly well that drug dealers can't pop into the local police station and say, "Hey, some cop just robbed me of a kilo of cocaine and $25,000," because the dealer is facing life in prison for that. So the cops essentially have complete immunity from prosecution. (Joseph D. McNamara - Gangster cops: A tragic - and inevitable - result of U.S. drug policies)

In my research on organized crime in Seattle, Washington, I discovered a symbiotic relationship between organized crime and the police that made it impossible to differentiate between them. Law enforcement officers, from street patrolmen to police chiefs to members of the prosecuting attorney's office, not only accepted payoffs from people who organized illegal gambling, prostitution and drug sales, but the police and prosecutors were instrumental in organizing and managing these activities. Seattle is not an exception; it is the rule....Suffice it to say that the corruption of law enforcement agents is ubiquitous at all levels of policing - municipal, state, and federal - in hte United States. (William J. Chambliss - Power, Politics, and Crime, pg 136, 138)

George White was an operative at the juncture of government and crime that one historian has aptly called America's "deep politics." During World War II, White became a close associate of future CIA chief Jesus Angleton. White would be a ranking officer in Operation Underworld, that founding collusion between US intelligence and Meyer Lansky to control the New York docks. By war's end, White was known not only as a principal liaison between the bureaucracy and organized crime figures the government was enlisting as sources and operatives, but also a stone cold alcoholic. He would be a prototype for future perversions of federal drug policy, "a law enforcement official who regularly violated the law." White blamed Communist China for the growing heroin traffic in the United States, covering up the actual smuggling by Chiang Kai-shek's corrupt but US-allied government. When the CIA later experimented with drugs on unwitting victims, it would be a zealous, sadistic White who provided the narcotics, hired prostitutes to lure subjects, then watched through a two-way mirror. "Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, rape and pillate," White later wrote to a writer's question, "with the sanction and the blessing of the All-Highest?" White and his fellow FBN agents also steered the senators away from the massive drug-running that was the financial heart of the Syndicate. (Roger Morris - The Money and the Power, pg 120)

Hank Greenspun hired a con man named Pierre Lafitte to pose as a mobster moving onto the Strip, entrapping a Clark Country Sheriff into a taped conversation about the usual bribes. The tapes, transcribed in the Sun, ensnared the sheriff and even Cliff Jones, forced to resign as Democratic National Committeeman. "I talk for the state... and believe me, I can deliver," Jomes was heard boasting on the tapes to the impostor who wanted "to operate without no heat." The bugging also bared shady financing at the Thunderbird, where Jones fronted, and there was a resulting inquiry, spurred by leaked IRS documents pointing to the Lanskys as secret owners. (Roger Morris - The Money and the Power, pg 199)

In drug regions [remark: only there?] the mafias can only be safe if they are running the country. (Executive Intelligence Review - Dope, Inc., pg 353)

We conducted interviews with a retired Federal law enforcement official, who confirmed to us details showing the U.S. Treasury Inspector General was actually the highest ranking mafia representative within the U.S. Government. (Sherman Skolnick – The Bankruptcy Bordello, Pt 1)

Papa Joe Kennedy began his rise as a tavern keeper who bought his way into the corrupt Democratic Party machine (a machine that, like the Jacob Astor - Aaron Burr power system in New York, had its roots in opium trafficking). Once he had obtained a seat on the ward's Democratic Committee at the age of 26, he gave up his tavern and went into the more lucrative wholesale liquor business. Two years later he began his first term in hte Massachusetts State Legislature. It was common knowledge that the secret to P.J Kennedy's political success was his control of the local crime ring, the "McGuire Gang." (Executive Intelligence Review - Dope, Inc., pg 417)

During Prohibition, Joseph Kennedy and Frank Costello were partners in the liquor business. Kennedy was also the partner of Owney Madden, the notorious gangster and bootlegger. Mafia attorney Abraham Lincoln Marowitz adds, "Kennedy couldn't have bootlegged the way he did without mob approval. They'd have knocked him off, too." A longtime associate of Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley, Marowitz was appointed US district court judge in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. (Seymour M. Hersh - The Dark Side of Camelot, pgs 48, 50).

In Chicago any illicit business could operate without disruption, as long as two payoffs were made at the beginning of each month - one to the East Chicago Avenue police and one to the local ward committeeman. who represented Chicago's Democrfatic political bosses. (Seymour M. Hersh - The Dark Side of Camelot, pg 55)

Sam Giancana leaned forward. "Look, this is one of the Roman gods. This one has two faces, two sides. That's what we are, the Outfit (the Mafia) and the CIA ... two sides of the same coin. (Sam Jr. and Chuck Giancana) in (Alex Constantine - Virtual Government, pg 203)

Thanks to a variety of sources, including FBI wiretaps and mob associates, it is now clear that the Kennedys used the mob connection as a stepping stone to power. Chicago boss Giancana and Johnny Roselli, Joe Kennedy's golfing friend, would later be overheard on an FBI wiretap discussing the "donations" they had made during the vital primary campaign in West Virginia. John Kennedy himself took outrageous risks to enlist Giancana's help. He met secretly with the mafia boss at least twice and even sent Judith Campbell, his lover to Giancana as courier, carrying vast sums of money in cash. The Kennedy millions, along with contributions from the mobsters themselves were used to buy votes both during the primaries and - in Chicago - in the close run election that sent Kennedy to the White House. (Anthony Summers - Official and Confidential, pgs. 269-270)

The power of the "American Pope" operating out of "the Little Vatican" in New York extends to the Mafia's "Commission", first revealed by Joe Valachi in The Valachi Papers. Two of those Roman Catholic Commission members were Frank Costello (the friend of Joe Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover) and Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the foremost crime boss on the East Coast. Cardinal Spellman was the intermediary between the Roosevelt White House and the Mafia in what came to be known as "Operation Underworld." (Jon Eric Phelps - Vatican Assassins, pgs 586-587) and (Martin Lee - Who Are the Knights of Malta?, National Catholic Reporter, October 14, 1983)

It is the responsibility of the assassins of history to portray crime as "failure," a mere "aberration," only an apparent departure from our nobility and the perfection of our institutions. (Noam Chomsky - Rethinking Camelot)

Kit Bond’s staffer was wrong only about one thing when he said that HUD was being run as a criminal enterprise: What is left of the entire former government of the United States has been and is still being run as a criminal enterprise. (Mike Ruppert - Godfather Government)

10.) Where this leads us?

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