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Governmental drug smuggling, background research - Quotes with sources

Rank of arms trading, illegal drugs trafficking and oil production among the world's largest industries: 1.2.3 (Charis Conn - The Harper's Index Book, pg. 69)

The offenders at the end of the drug trafficking route are the same as those at the beginning: governments.Without the cooperation of governments, the international narcotics industry could not exist. But governments, our own particularly, lean over backward to conceal this fact from their constituents. Over a period of five years I became convinced of the participation in the drug traffic of high officials in at least 33 countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, the Bahamas, Brazil, Belize, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Burma, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, France, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. Not to mention a host of Caribbean, Asian and European money-laundering nations, plus the PLO and various revolutionary and terrorist groups. (James Mills - The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace, pgs 1139-1143)

There is an established chain of command within the CIA and other government agencies with respect to narcotics trafficking with the involvement of its Deputy Director, his subordinate Assistant Deputy Director, his subordinate, and certain foreign CIA Station Chiefs. This chain of command has been publicly detailed in a variety of forms
- The involvement of senior FBI personnel
- The creation of a separate quasi-agency in 1983 (the so-called Vice-Presidential Task Force on Drugs) so that Customs officies in the Southeast United States would ensure that certain air and sea traffic was not intercepted or searched
- The maintenance both in the United States and in Central and South America of secure facilities for the transportation and storage of narcotics under the auspices of the US military. (Al Martin - The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider, pg. 162)

What cannot now be denied is that US intelligence agencies arranged for the release from prison of the world’s preeminent drug lord, allowed him to rebuild his narcotics empire, watched the flow of drugs into the largely black ghettoes of New York and Washington, DC escalate and then lied about what they had done. This founding saga of the relationship between American spies and gangsters set patterns that would be replicated from Laos and Burma to Marseilles and Panama. (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, pg. 134)

A main purpose of the Vietnam war was to settle who controls the opium producing Golden Triangle: the Communists or the mafia, the drug-trafficking branch of the international banking oligarchy. (John Drabik - Usury Civilization II - pg. 249)

In practice, the politically appointed Attorney general routinely has used the Justice Department to cover up corrupt and criminal acts including CIA drug trafficking. (Rodney Stich - Terrorism Against America, pg 47)

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Narcotics Investigation agents discovered that drug money from the Dominican drug traffickers was gathered and distributed at fund raisers held in Pennsylvania and that various government agencies were actively aware of these facts. (Rodney Stich - Terrorism Against America, pg 172)

Catherine Austin Fitts, Assistant Secretary of Housing under George Bush makes things very simple. She points out that the four largest states for the importation of drugs are New York, Florida, Texas and California. She then points out that the top four money laundering states in the U.S. (good for between 100 and 260 billion per year) are New York, Florida, Texas and California. No surprise there. Then she rips the breath from your lungs by pointing out that 80 per cent of all Presidential campaign funds come from - New York, Florida, Texas and California. (Michael Ruppert - CIA, Drugs, and Wall Street)

Operation Watchtower was a series of very powerful radio transmitters on towers with beacons on the end of them, built from Andros Island off the coast of Colombia all the way up into US air space, essentially transversing all of Central America. These beacons created a "safe corridor" for the shipping north of narcotics and the shipping south of weapons, pursuant to US Government-authorized narcotics and weapons transactions. The response transmission code, or aircraft code for the Watchtower signal was HTR585, or in military parlance, Hotel Tango Romeo 585. Because of press leaks, the control over Watchtower was moved over from the DIA to the newly established Vice Presidential Task Force on Drugs, an office created to secure sea smuggling corridors. The main sea corridor started at Swan Island, Honduras, and went all the way up to Haiti (Cap Haitien), through the Bahamas (Andros island) and the United States. The operation was maintained by active US military forces, with linkages to DIA and CIA, under a central control in Panama (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pgs. 263-267)

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) had a narcotics shipping corridor and facilities completely separate from the CIA. They operated out of Spokane, Washington and Medford, Oregon, and down into Fire Lake, Nevada. They operate principally through Mexico and Evergreen Air was their principal cut-out. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pg. 323)

Customs service "controlled deliveries" accounted for more than half of all the cocaine seized by the Customs Service in South Florida in the late 1980s according to the General Accounting Office. The Texas State Highway Patrol publicly complained a few years ago that most of the metamphetamine they were finding in the state was being supplied to people by the DEA. Houston attorney Kent Schaffer complained, "The government has brought in more cocaine than the Medellin cartel." (James Bovard - Shakedown: How the Government Screws You from A to Z, pg. 8)

Abbott described CIA Operation Bushmaster in Belize which was intended to take over the drug business from the many independent drug smugglers for greater profit and greater security. Busting independent drug traffickers was one of the joint CIA - Justice Department tactics to control the drug business into the United States. He also described a Mexican cocaine processing lab that he discovered north of Cuatrocienegas in the state of Chihuahua. Cocaine processed at that lab was transported by land, and sometimes by air to a small strip at Lajitas in West Texas, on land controlled by Walt Mischner. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 38)

In August 1984 the leaders of the biggest South American drug cartels held a meeting with representants of the CIA and the mafia in Hotel Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland. They decided that 50% of the drugs shipped to North America will go through Mena, Arkansas, from where the mafia will distribute them across America. The CIA will provide protection for the drug smuggling planes. (Kenneth Bucchi - C.I.A. Cocaine in America?: A Veteran of the C.I.A. Drug War Tells All)

Col. Tommy Goodwin, the Commander of the Arkansas State Police got on the phone to Governor Bill Clinton. He was all pissed off because he was not being kept informed of all the CIA narcotics and weapons transactions in the state. Clinton replied, he is well-advised of it, and that it's an authorized operation of the US Government. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pg. 148)

The CIA was charged 10 percent by high Arkansas state officials for allowing and covering up its Contra training operations, gun and drug running flights. In 1985 the CIA was moving normally $3 million per flight. It transfused over $250 million in two years into Clinton's Arkansas economy in less than two years, while the governor's people stole, er "diverted" another $75 to $100 million, according to a CIA asset. (John Cummings - Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, pgs 125, 144, 244)

Abbott described how Arkansas State Police protected drug loads by blocking off roads leading to small airstrips when drug flights arrived. He described one such instance occurring in the spring of 1982. Abbott flew a Cessna 210 containing 300 kilos of cocaine to a corp-dusting landing strip in Marianna, Arkansas. A Memphis-based DEA agent took the cocaine from him, while an Arkansas state trooper blocked the road leading to the landing strip. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 38)

By the end of 1986, Joesph Kelso testified, he had six US and Costa Rican government official witnesses, willing to testify how DEA agents were skimming cocaine from drug seizures, making counterfeit money, and protecting cocaine processing labs in Costa Rica, including at least two on Contra bases. (Gary Webb - Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion, pg. 296)

On November 22, 1996, the US Department of Justice indicted General Ramon Guillen Davila of Venezuela on charges of importing cocaine into the United States. The federal prosecutors alleged that while heading Venezuela's anti-drug unit, General Guillen smuggled more than 22 tons of cocaine into the US and Europe for the Cali and Bogota cartels. Guillen responded that the cocaine shipments to the US had been approved by the CIA and went on to say that “some drugs were lost and neither the CIA nor the DEA want to accept any responsibility for it.” (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, pg. 95)

In 1981 Meneses had been moving 900 kilos of cocaine a year. Two years later the numbers had surged to around 5 tons a year –- and the latter figure represents just the amount Blandón's LA operation was handling. (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, pg. 7)

Bank statements showed deposits of as much as $2,000,000 at a time into the Blandón drug operation's account from the US Treasury. (Gary Webb - Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion, pg. 342)

The US is now money laundering $500 billion to $1 trillion a year. Such a volume requires significant proactive leadership from the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Justice. Government deficit financing worldwide had for decades depended on an ever expanding illegal narcotics trade. Narcotics had been a banking business from the beginning.(Catherine Austin Fitts - The Myth of the Rule Of Law, pgs 11, 25, 26)

International telephone records prove that Felix Rodriguez, the CIA boss of (drug smuggler pilot) Eugene Hasenfus at Ilopango was reporting several times a week to Vice President George Bush's office. Don Gregg (later VP George Bush's national security advisor), was in charge of the contra air effort working out of Ilopango in El Salvador. Rodriguez was also named as having been involved in receiving money for the contras from the Medellin cartel. (John Stockwell - The Praetorian Guard : The US Role In The New World Order, pgs. 23, 120)

The biggest business in the Lajitas, Texas area today is nacotics trafficking. Some of it comes over the Rio Grande on foot, some on truck, and some by airplane. One of the landing strips used for the transshipment of drugs is about 12 miles northeast of Lajitas, according to Joaquin Jackson, a Texas Ranger who patrols the area. It's a lot longer and wider (4000 ft x 200 ft) than the typical narcotics -smuggling landing strip. That's because it had to accomodate C-130 cargo planes bringing in arms and weapons for the CIA transshipment to Latin America. According to CIA contract pilots and law enforcement officers, the strip is controllled by Walter M. Mischer., the fourth largest landowner of Texas, a friend of George Bush. The landing strip near Lajitas was tied into another landing strip about 60 miles to the northeast on the Iron Mountain Ranch outside Marathon, owned by Midland oilman William Blakemore II, President Bush's close friend. (Pete Brewton - The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, pgs. 89-90, 97-98)

Various divisions of the Zapata Corporation (a CIA asset, organized by George Bush), such as Zapata Petroleum, Zapata Off-Shore and Zapata Cattle company were heavily involved in drug trafficking. The oil rigs were used to carry out the drug operations. Drugs would be off-loaded from ships onto the drilling platforms and then taken into the nearby coastal areas in helicopters that were constantly carrying supplies and personnel. CIA cable analyst Michael Maholy confirmed that this practice existed, having learned about it from cable traffic and his own observations while on the rigs. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 41)

What people urgently need to know is that the drugs are being distributed by those fronting for the drug war, who are offering 'solutions' at the same time. Much of the 'anti-drug' network is deeply corrupt and used as a vehicle for distributing drugs without detection. George Bush has fronted more wars on drugs than any other American politician and yet he is one of North America's premier drug barons. (David Icke - The Biggest Secret, pg 286)

Richard Brenneke (CIA) Congressional testimony, June 1991: "As far back as 1968 and early 1969, the CIA had begun to launder money from organized crime families in New York. We used to wash their money overseas and put it in Switzerland in nice, safe places for them. The organized crime members had a need for two things: they needed drugs brought into the country on a reliable, safe basis; and they needed people taken out of the country or people bought into the country without alerting Customs or INS. They also needed money taken offshore so that it would not be subject to US taxes. So we (the CIA) performed these kinds of functions for them."(Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 53)

A veteran FBI agent and highly decorated Vietnam veteran, Richard Taus felt that the selective crackdown on the Sicilian Mafia was to eliminate competition to the CIA-backed American Mafia. He explained the difference between the street Mafia represented by the five crime families in New York and the higher-level Mafia imbedded in blue-chip Fortune 500 corporations and in high government positions. He described the situation in which the Sicilian drug trafficking involved in the Pizza Connection cases was interfering with other government drug routes and supplies from the Middle east through Turkey, Bulgaria, Syria and Lebanon. Taus: "It was this competition that caused Justice Department personnel to eliminate the Sicilian Mafia from the drug business. There is a sanctified Mafia organization that works within our government and industries. I have discovered it under the veneer of surface "street gangsters" such as Gotti, Scarpa, Bonnano, et al, who answer to an appointed Godfather (the late Paul Castellano). In turn, Paul takes orders from his first cousin, Vito Castellano who words for the governor of New York in Albany, N.Y. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pgs 203-206, 208)

Jim Rothstein (ex-NYPD vice squad detective) described the reports that he had filed of CIA drug sales to the blacks in New York City, naming some of those who were involved. His reports described how CIA operatives sold drugs directly to black distributors from 1967 to 1972, after which time organized crime groups took over the distribution. The CIA then concentrated on supplying drugs to the crime groups. (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 217)

During the 1960s the CIA would use the Opium Wars technique to smother political dissent in the black ghettos under an avalanche of No. 4 China White - heroin of extraordinary purity (Terence McKenna - Food of the Gods, pg 113)

An overlooked area is the CIA's involvement with the British MI-6, the French DST and the German BFI intelligence services for the importation of cocaine into their countries and its distribution as part of the overall CIA scheme to produce an ongoing covert revenue stream. Certain foreign intelligence services and agents profited; certain conservative parties in Europe profited the same way the Republican Party profited in the United States. (Al Martin - The Conspirators, pg. 233)

Several of my CIA and DEA sources who  were directly involved in the drug trafficking described how the Mossad marked their drug packages, how the Mossad shared space of CIA aircraft flying drugs into the United States, and about the vast network of Mossad operatives throughout Central and South America engaging in drug smuggling (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pgs 44-45)

ASEAN is devoted to making money, has minimal interest in human rights and democracy and, of course, has its own hidden agendas, such as the enriching drugs trade. (John Pilger - Hidden Agendas, pg. 178)

The CIA had prepared an internal survey that estimated that 60 percent of the opium of the world market was coming from Southeast Asia and noted the precise whereabouts of the four largest heroin labs in the region, in villages in Laos, Burma and Thailand. This report was leaked to the New York Times, whose reporter relayed the main conclusions, without realizing that these villages were all next to CIA stations with the labs being run by people on the CIA’s payroll. (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, pg. 240)

The narcotics trade, which along with money laundering is perhaps the most lucrative field of organized crime, has been a state-run enterprise in Communist China since 1949. The Soviets entered the field in 1956, and their Cuban clients came on board in 1961 (The New American - 04.09.2001 - William Norman Grigg Interview)

In 1972 the Indonesian authorities arrested a Ch'ao Chou Chinese in Djakarta, in possession of a Chinese Communist Party card and 30 kilos of heroin, worth between 60 and 150 million in US, depending on quality. The investigation showed that the purpose of the heroin imports was the financing of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) through the creation of a drug ring in Djakarta. China distributes narcotics to its fraternal communist parties in Southeast Asia as a means of raising funds for their activities. The most recent case is that of North Korea. Their diplomats have been also kicked out of several European countries for smuggling and distributing heroin. (Executive Intelligence Review - Dope, Inc., pg. 170, 171)

The United States never fully achieved domination of the Golden Crescent (drug producing) region until the outbreak of the CIA instigated Afghanistan War. (Rodney Stich - FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery, pg. 180)

The only publicly acknowledged US casualties on the Afghan battlefields were some Black Muslims who journeyed to the Hindu Kush from the United States to fight on the Prophet’s behalf. But the drug casualties inside the US form the secret CIA war, particularly in the inner cities, numbered in the thousands, plus untold social blight and suffering. (Alexander Cockburn - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, pg. 261)

Whenever you see governments using the guise of "national security" to deny justice and information, what they really mean is the security of their own criminal behavior. (David Icke - I am me I am free, pg. 67)

Only "pariah" governments traffic drugs without fronts. "Legitimate" governments prefer their intelligence agencies cut deals with the drug mafiosi while the visible machinery of the bureaucracy seems all aflutter over the "drug problem. (Terence McKenna - Food of the Gods, pg 112)

You are now familiar with the outward operations of my banking operations. … This weekend will mark the beginning of your training in the technology of power that lurks behind outer appearances. .. We have found absolute control of governmental intelligence gathering and covert operations to be vital. Besides the benefits of public financing reaped by these "nationalized secret societies," we obtain a decisive advantage from the fact that these our "spook" operations are sanctioned by law. To envision how we operate in this lucrative field, let’s briefly look at the mechanics of drug smuggling. Police and customs officials are told to leave certain gangsters alone, even when transporting suspicious cargoes... if they could see the big picture, as we can, the agent would see that practically all drugs are smuggled by federal intelligence agents and secret police. How ever could such a volume be transported safely? Real harassment and prosecution is reserved for those who enter the field without our approval. (The Occult Technology of Power, Ch. 8)

The power of narco dollars comes when you combine drug trafficking with the stock market. If I have a company that has a $100,000 of income and a stock trading at 20 times earnings, if I can find a way to run $100,000 of narcotics sales by a few teenagers in West Philadelphia through my financial statements, I can get my stock market value to go up from $2 million to $4 million. I can double my "pop." That is a quick $2 million profit from putting a few teenagers to work selling drugs in their neighborhood. (Catherine Austin Fitts - Narco-Dollars for Beginners, Pt. 2)

Every year since I was a child public safety goes down and the budgets that I pay for as a taxpayer to fund more enforcement, prosecution and incarceration go up. If you look at what taxpayers are paying, you would think we were picking up all the narco dollar industry's expenses. The more we pay for enforcement, the more public safety goes down and drug profits go up. The more we pay for national security, the more thousands of boat loads of white agricultural products seem to have no problem moving back and forth across the borders. (Catherine Austin Fitts - Narco-Dollars for Beginners, Pt. 3)

If you are taking hard drugs, or thinking doing so, remember this: You are not being a 'rebel', you are committing mental and physical suicide, and you are doing exactly what the people who control this world want you to do. (David Icke - The Biggest Secret, pg 286)

The existence of a two-tier code of criminal justice, in which people holding key positions of trust in the US government go unpunished for their role in moving tens of thousands of pounds of hard drugs into the United States, while the average Joe is given years in prison for possession of drugs the size of an M&M beats even Mexican "justice"! (Rodney Stich - Drugging America, pg 78)

The giving of aid and comfort to the enemies of democracy by our government is recognized by the people as treasonous. (William R. Lyne - Pentagon Aliens, pg 231)

If you have the power to control, and you have also the knowledge that such power is being abused criminally - and you don't do anything about it - you are indeed criminal in a most deep and intimate way. (Josiah E. Du Bois, Jr. - The Devil's chemists, pg 315)

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