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Nature is free from a certain kind of scheming and self-importance. The birds and beasts indeed pursue their business of eating and breeding with the utmost devotion. But they do not justify it; they do not pretend that it serves higher ends, or that it makes a significant contribution to the progress of the world. (Alan Watts in (Alan Watts) in (Wes Nisker - The Essential Crazy Wisdom, pg 138)

In the early Middle-Ages, the running was made by the women. Their method of wooing was often most determined. Nudity was no cause for shame: not only were warriors normally naked but women also undressed freely. Thus the Queen of Ulster, and all the ladies of the Court to the number of 610, came to meet Cuchulainn naked above the waist, and raising their skirts "so as to expose their private parts," by which they showed how greatly they honored him. (Gordon Rattray Taylor - Sex in History, pgs 25-26)

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