My-Shirts was born of a sudden rush of clue. I was in a store, browsing designer shirts, when it hit me: why should I advertise Tommy Hilfiger on myself? Given the current state of affairs, is wearing a corporate logo on my chest the most insightful statement I could make? Hardly.

I mentioned this to my boyfriend, then others joined the discussion, and soon everybody began slinging wisecracks what shirt messages we should really wear. I silkscreened the eight most popular ideas from the crop onto quality 100% cotton shirts, and the result is in front of you - the "Big scoop" collection.

These shirts are unique by the fact that we maintain a separate web page with background quotes and sources for each message we print. So if someone questions a controversial statement on a shirt you got from us, just advise the person that s/he is welcome to check the background quotes, names and dates on its page at See for themselves if they can refute what they read. Our URL is on most designs, and major search engines will also link here. We put a named anchor at the beginning of each quote so you can deep-link to any of them if you know how. Whatever the shirt says, we'll be here to back you up.

Did we miss some really great quote that should be here? Or have you thought of some truly great shirt design you would like to suggest us? Email us by all means. Getting everyone involved is the whole idea: the more contributors the better the result. Crowds tend to beat the experts in intelligence. Take the simplest test: guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar. "Experts" get within roughly 20% of the right number, while a crowd of disparate individuals - incuding biased and illiterate people - comes within 2%. Collective smarts wins hands down! So let's put it to use. Support us and we'll support you in taking your best insights public. The mainstream media might not print or broadcast them, but who cares? On the long run, more people can potentially see (and especially, believe) your message if you wear it.

Happy browsing,